Our Talent Pool

At Clinix Health Group, we take great pride in the high calibre employees we attract and retain. Clinix employees are not strangers to going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service in so doing saving lives and improving our patients’ quality of life. Dedicated, motivated and caring, our employees are our most valuable asset. We look for people who have a passion for making a positive contribution. People who love a good challenge and strive to improve continuously. People with potential.
-Are you a self-driven achiever?
-A fresh thinker and proactive doer?
-Do you have the ability to see “the big picture” and how you can contribute to achieving it?
-Do you have good chemistry with and respect for people?
-Are you self-reliant and a natural team leader?
-Do you have the desire to learn, grow and exceed your own life expectations?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, you’re a good match for Clinix Health Group.

Our Ethos

Clinix Health Group is committed to creating a culture of competency, collaboration and outstanding care. We put our patients first, offering world-class private healthcare around the clock. As a leader in empowered healthcare, we believe in empowering our employees to reach their full potential. Ongoing staff development and career enhancement is available for employees at all levels. We offer a great working environment, where each staff member is valued and encouraged to be the best they can be. Our investment in training and development is designed to retain and motivate employees to deliver healthcare excellence, every day, in every way. Clinix Health Group supports and promotes our employees’ aspirations. Personal contributions are not only encouraged and recognised, but rewarded too. Our open door policy enables management and staff to share ideas openly and honestly.


All our employees are rewarded with a market-related remuneration package, which includes subsidised medical and provident fund, leave benefits and participate in a bonus scheme. We provide excellent opportunities for employee development, focusing on ongoing professional advancement, basic and post-basic nursing education, business process training and management as well as leadership development. To facilitate career advancement, we also offer bursaries to talented employees, along with training interventions, succession planning, mentoring and coaching.
Clinix Health Group places a high premium on competency-based recruitment and selection, to ensure that the best individual is appointed according to the unique requirements of each vacancy. All vacancies are advertised internally and externally simultaneously. Internal candidates will, however, receive priority consideration.
To increase nursing capacity, Clinix is involved in various recruitment initiatives, supported by South African Nursing Council (SANC) and other statutory bodies. We also invest significantly in skills development and training and continue to implement world class clinical governance standards in all of our operations.


We provide a myriad of reward and recognition programmes that identify and encourage outstanding dedication and commitment in the group. These include the employee of the month programmes that are run by our different hospitals and our annual employees recognition awards ceremony, where teams and individuals are recognized for outstanding performance.

Skills Development

Our investment in training and development initiatives are aimed at motivating staff to excel in their work and also to retain them. Furthermore, we aim to ensure our employees’ skills are enhanced so that they keep abreast with the latest developments in healthcare and always apply the latest health and safety methods that ensure quality and safety of our patients.
We offer excellent opportunities for the development of employees in order to ensure sustained quality patient care. We have made, focusing on continuous professional development, basic and post-basic nursing education, business process training, management and leadership development the core of our employee development and empowerment. We offer bursaries to our employees in order to assist them in their career advancement.


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