Solomon Stix Morewa Memorial Hospital is a state of the art wellness and physical rehabilitation center in Selby based in Johannesburg. The hospital boasts 642 beds with acute, sub-acute and chronic medical units. The newly renovated wellness center and hospital offers a state of the art gym, a hydro therapy pool, top class medical equipment, beautiful gardens for recreational activities and highly skilled healthcare professionals who are committed to providing high levels of care.


Tel: (+27) 11 491 4151

Visiting Hours:

Rehab and wellness
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
15h00 – 16h00
14h00 – 17h00
12h00 – 17h00

All day up till 17h00


Monday – Friday 07:00 – 16:30pm

Hospital Manager:

Dorothy Moswele


121 Eloff St
Johannesburg 2001

Specialised Services

Our commitment to you is upholding the best standards to ensure you or your loved one have a pleasant stay; knowing that your care and comfort are our utmost concern.
We offer inpatient treatment for the following:

  • • Sub-acute care
  • • Wellness Clinic
  • • Physical rehabilitation Clinic
  • • 24 Hour Urgent Care

Pathology and Radiology

Clinix also provides outsourced Radiology and Pathology services.

Wellness Clinic

We offer 24 hour Wellness assistance for patients in crisis with immediate admission, no waiting list, into our 100 bed wellness clinic.
Call us on (+27) 11 491 4151.

General Wellness programs

Over and above our wellness intervention we have a highly skilled & trained team equipped to intervene on wellness illnesses such as:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Schizophrenia
• Bipolar Mood Disorder
• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
• Other mood & personality disorders

Our general wellness programs offer various comprehensive high, medium and low functioning patients that are specifically designed to meet the therapeutic requirements and outcome of the patient. We encourage voluntary admission as it aids towards a speedier recovery.
Within the first hours of admission into our clinic, a patient will be evaluated by our highly skilled and qualified members of staff and then allocated to one of our group programs. The groups allow a safe environment for the patient to: Discover themselves more personally and recognize potential areas for change which can be put into action towards recovery. Development of self-esteem and growing emotional intelligence.

Physical Rehabilitation Clinic

Our state-of-the-art world class facilities ensure that our patients get the best quality care and are ushered back into recovery speedily. Our medical professional team of Neuro-surgeons, Orthopaedic surgeons, Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, and specially trained staff make up the team who will be responsible for physically rehabilitating you to immerse back into daily living as you had before. We consider our service rendering under the umbrella of being family using state of the art equipment and world successfully tested methodology to ensure that you or your loved one recovers in no time at all. Our recovery facility is equipped with recoup gym, tranquil breakaway gardens, recreational areas and ample space to ensure a home-away-from-home recovery centre.


HEAD OFFICE: (+27) 11 429 1000


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